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trying Cypress for E2E testing and color problem

Cypress - different approach to E2E testing?

First steps with

Image from Uber is one of these cool libraries you may heard, you may even have looked at the examples , but not necessarily get hands dirty with it. Let's change it.

Source of node materials (Three.js)

Traditional Three.js materials are like black boxes with various numeric parameters on it. Node materials are different. They are more modular. They allow for making material out of diferent boxes(nodes) and connect them in some kind of graph (like in e.g. Blender)

First steps with Plotly.js

Plotly.js is a JavaScript library for creating many kinds of charts. It's often used in data science, especially that this library is also available in Python (and you probably know that Python is data scientists' favorite language). But let's talk about JavaScript usage for a moment.